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FS Misc. collection of Honda items: Best Offers

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Posting a group of items. If you are interested, just tell me what and include offer. I will update as items sell.

1) Upper water hose 19501-PNB-000
2) Stabilizer Bushing (2 ct.) 51306-S04-N01
3) Rotor 30103-P08-003
4) Oil seal 27x43x9 (2 ct.) 91203-PFB-003
5) Oil seal 35x56x8 91205-PL3-A01
6) Boot set, outboard (2 ct.) 44018-S01-C01 (one grease bag had been opened)
7) Quart of manual transmission oil
8) Quart of dual Pump Fluid 2 oil

Product Fluid Liquid
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