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Hi Guys!

Sorry I am just new here.. I just need to have some good answer's from all of you are experts with their crv's

I have a 2002 AT 4x2 CRV

And I lost the information about my change oil and etc.. but I remember that I have to change oil this coming last week of October..

My questions are?

ATF - how many times do we need to do ATF change? I normally do it every 2 years?

Tune Up - Spark plug, belt air filter.. Are their any more info you can give to help me have a better gas consumption

My mileage is 200+++ and I live in the Philippines Baguio where the Terrain is Up and Down and we only have summer and wet season.. And I am like getting 4-5KM per liter..

Thanks! Have a good day!

And any suggestions and information additional for me to check will do. :D :D :D
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