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Fuel lines: should have marked them ..

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I replaced all the brake and fuel lines under my 2000 CVR. I replaced the brake lines complete, but I cut the fuel lines under the car at the front axel and at the rear. Now I need to make sure that I am hooking them back up correctly. The large feed line is easy, but there are two evap lines and I cannot find a complete schmatic that show the full path.

In the engine compartment they are connected at a valve and at a canister. Those same two line at the rear of the car connect to rubber hosing leading to the top of the fuel tank and to a canister.

My question is, the line from the front canister hooks to the tank in the rear or to the canister in the rear? a link to a super comprehensive diagram would be great as well. Thanks very much

Here are the two line connections at the engine.
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