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The EPA mileage sticker is for comparison only - it is not what you will get - it compares this vehicle with others on the exact same trip. It is sad but many car makers tune their vehicles to do better in the EPA tests than real world. Sort of like the Video Card makers for PC's would make their BIOS look good for comparisons but be bad in real world tests. VW and Mercedes got caught doing that with diesel engine tests - It look like they solved the problems, they just figured out how to pass the EPA test - got caught in the real world tests.

If you drive stop and go it can be a lot less. Hybrid owners sometimes get 50% less because their drive needs creeping up in traffic and that kill the hybrids economy especially with Honda's IMA Hybrid design.
The EPA comparison is with a warm engine - It is impossible to get EPA numbers in the first 3 minutes of driving.
I average 30 MPG but I get 20 MPG for the first 3 minutes.

Fuelly is the best place to see what others get for their cars/trucks.

My fuelly is in my signature.
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