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Fuses for hardwire

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Just finished installing a hardwire kit (viofo with acc) for a Viofo a129 duo.. and it works! I have a gen3 but built in 2012.

Struggle quite a bit on choosing the correct fuses to tap in, especially for the non-continuous, acc yellow cable. By my surprise, most fuses are still powered once the key is off..

I was going to tap, for the yellow acc, fuse #34 which is the ACC Radio according to the manual, but the tap couldn't fit because its on the top of the box just under a 8 pin plug. I thought to turn it 180°.. but not sure this is the right way for the correct hot point.
I went at the end for #34, front passenger window. Funny is, with the fuse out i tried the window switch (from driver side) and it work.. am I missing something..?

For continuous power, I used the empty slot #5 label Seat Heater.
Im a bit surprise to see the seat heater is on continuous power.. but i suspect it get switch off down the road by the car computer?

Which fuse did you guys tapped in?
And which lowest setting would you put the power cut on? Im on 12.2v
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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