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Hello everyone!

My wife really wants a CR-V since the dawn of time, so looking into it for a Spring 2018 purchase. Point is we have the 5500 rule: Nothing over $5500 for all our cars. My fellow car buddy says 98-99 CR-V's are bulletproof. And they are cheap. But I am wondering about safety also since we have 2 youth boys and will travel in it when we aren't taking the Excursion. And she wants an AT. I'm a DIY car guy so I can do the work all myself whichever year it is. I do like to hop things up though from time to time :p So can you point me to some threads or give me some advice to what older CRV is your best choice and why? From what I have researched so far. 2005-2006 is a solid CR-V, and 98-99?

I owned a 2005 Element at one time which has the same engine and trans as the CRV. Man it was a gutless box pig. 5 speed was the only option for that car. I imagine the CR-V is better since it's not a toaster on wheels. (although I still love the Elements myself.) So if you could: which models are the best for adding more hp? And the worst for transmissions? I've owned a 4 cyl Honda Odyssey 2001 JDM and it was the worst transmission known to man. So I am guessing 2001 might be a bad year for transmissions. Let me know your picks....

I am new and excited to learn more about this car from you guys. Thanks!
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