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I guess I should present myself here..

Born in Sweden, left the place in 2006 and have since travelled around the world and lived in 5 countries.
Live in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria for the past 3 years and looks like I´m stuck as I will become a father to Xmas.

Been driving Honda since 1998 and have been solid on Civics.
But with age and with a kid coming, I´m looking into a "bigger" and safer car and CR-V is the closest as we don´t get the Ridgeline or the Pilot here in Europe.

The purchase will happen in the next few months and I have my sights on a 2nd Gen facelift (05-06) with the 6 speed MT and the 2.2 CTDI N22A2 diesel engine.
Currently I´m planning the future upgrades which includes a 1,5-2" lift since the roads here in eastern Europe are not so kind to my current lowered Civic.
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