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FYI on Covercraft UVS Premier Sunscreens and 2019 CR-V's

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I purchased a Covercraft UVS Premier Series sunscreen for my '19 EX. I went with this, their top-end version as it was a little heavier-duty than their standard sunscreen, it included the storage bag, and I got it for the same price as a standard version via a sale/code at AG.

Received the sunscreen today and went to install it. I then discovered that it wouldn't fit ... with the sunscreen all the way to the right, flush against the windshield pillar, the cut-out for the camera area was mis-located and the sunscreen was overlapping the camera area by more than an inch. I called Covercraft up and talked to their tech support and learned that they were in the midst of revising this sunscreen, and that the current one would only work for the LX. This despite their online configurator showing that it would work with the EX model and up.

Affected Covercraft Pt.# is UV11502GS.
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It must be time for a glass of wine! I read your subject line the first time as "Hovercraft"

I can't imagine why it wouldn't fit!

Actually, thanks for posting this to help other members.
I ordered the standard sunscreen and it's a perfect fit on our Touring. Can't imagine it being any heavier as it's almost a 2-person job to set it up. Hope you get your issue resolved.
It must be time for a glass of wine! I read your subject line the first time as "Hovercraft"
Maybe a nice Chianti ?:rolleyes2:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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