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Hi all,

I've just bought the above model and enjoying crv ownership so far. The vehicle hasn't been used for a longish period, and therefore is in need of some tlc.

I have the Honda fluid for a rear diff change, and will be giving the old girl a normal service (filters, oil etc) this weekend.

I will then need to turn my attention to these bushes which appear to be in terrible condition and need changing Asaph. I just don't know what they are so if you could help that would be great!

Apart from the axle, and sway bar appearing as if they have been lay on the sea bed for half a century, the main differential bush (?) is in worrying condition, and the cylindrical metal piece on the left of it appears to be floating within the two rings, rather than held firmly in place by any bushings.

If you could advise with parts names/ numbers and any other observations you have, I would be very grateful.


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