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You can make a complete fog light system for 30$

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Depending on how much metal, wires, and wire crimps you have lying around, this can cost you as low as $30 - $60!

parts you need:
>> Fog lights, 2x kit with wire and two 55w halogen bulbs, $20 advanced auto parts
>> 12v auto relay, $5 advanced auto parts

Stuff you may have lying around, if not check home depot
>> aluminum strip metal, 1x.125x36 in
>> aluminum box tube, 1x1x12in hollow should work (I used a flattened round tube in my picture since it was what I had lying around)
>> applicable bolts, 1 to hold the support bar on the bracket, two to mount the bracket onto the frame in front of the radiator.

Tools needed
>>basic metalworking tools: hack saw, metal drill bits (5/16 and 1/4 should work)

Basic instructions

Bend metal, drill, and bolt together as shown in my pictures. making it should be fairly straight forward. make sure to bend everything straight! so you don't have a crooked mounting bar...

I wired my fog lights straight to the battery using the kit's included wiring harness, HOWEVER I used the 12v relay (electronic switch) in conjunction with the right headlight so that only when my headlights on to my fog lights turn on. Don't attempt to draw power from just the right headlight for these lights, you will blow the fuse like I did :p

WIP guide, finishing after class!

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Those lights look like the ones i got at harbor freight for $9.99 a set. lol. Good write-up though!
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