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I recently bought my neighbors 2001 CRV. It cleaned up nicely, but the mats were shot. I came to realize that the M/T versions were no longer available.

But I had a bit of good luck and wanted to share the information. In conversations with San Leandro Honda, it seems that the EX models came with special mats as standard. What they did have were these mats designed as warranty type parts. They were not the accessory part number.

The gotcha was that they were $135 instead of the approx. $69 for the accessory part#. I went ahead and ordered them. They arrived two days ago and they are perfect OEM originals.

In my search for custom made mats the prices were as high or higher. I don't know how many are available. So if the $135 price is acceptable, the part# is:

83600-S10-A10ZA FLR MAT SET *NH264L*

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