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I love my gen1 crv, i think it would be even more awesome if they had replacement parts for a few weak points I have found.

Does anyone know where I can find better coil springs? I'd like 2''+ lift, but I need more load capacity in the back mainly (so I can pull a boat) without making the ride too hard. Are there better replacement springs out there for this thing? or maybe air load springs or something? i'd also die to find a coil-over that's more lift/load oriented than drop oriented.

I'd also like tougher front axels, but I'm not sure which axels will work on the CRV, or if it's vehicle and even year specific.

last but not least, what can I do about my driveshaft? The ujoint broke on the front, I've found replacements but they still look really weak. Is there any answer to strengthening it overall?

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