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After spending a lot of time looking at different tire options for a CR-V I just bought, I decided on the General Grabber AT2 tires. The tire shop guy told me all the good reasons why he recommended the Yokohama G055 over these. My goals were this: not have what I consider to be a three season tire, good in light snow and rain, good for very light off road, looked good, good reviews and if possible, made in the USA. Having bought a lot of Michelin tires over the years and paying extra for a quality product, price was not really a big contributing factor.

The General Grabber AT2 tires seem to meet those goals. I ordered a set and had them put on yesterday. I can't compare it to what these CR-Vs ride like with good all season tires since I just bought this vehicle and it needed tires right away. This is going to be my wife's car and while she won't be doing any off road trail riding, I don't want her to get stuck in a damp sports field or have a problem getting home if it is starts snowing while she is out.

I think they look and ride great. My initial thought was that they look like 4 snow tires compared to the bald factory tires. Looking at them this morning, I think that they look like they mean business and that if you get this vehicle stuck, it was your own fault. I will keep them rotated and let you know how they perform. I put 215/70R16 on the steel rims. They were a little over $600 which included tax and an alignment.

The tire shop owner said that when he ordered these tires from his distributor, the guy at the distributor also has these tires on his CR-V and that he liked them.

Bob in NC
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