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I strongly suggest buying the Helms' manuals for the CR-V.

There's two that are must haves in my opinion if anyone is seriouslt thinking about adding/retrofitting something after purchase. One manual's for the overall vehicle showing in great detail and illustrations the locations of the electrical components including fuse/relay boxes, wiring harneses, etc. The second manual shows the actual wiring diagrams, e.g., what wire goes where. I have one and am going to get the other.

Last night while redaing the discussion on wiring EX-L heated side mirrors on an EX, I was able to follow along with the isometric views of the wiring harness, fuse/relay box, etc., under the hood, under the dash, etc.

Rant warning: Wouldn't it make better sense to use a single wiring harness with all the possible/potential connections so that you could add whnatever you may want afterward. I know that I'm being pretty naive on this subject here but this is my time.

Marion Pavan
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