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Getting Radio Code

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Just had to have the clutch and mass flywheel replaced on my 2006 CRV 2.2 CDTi. Unfortunately in the process the mechanic disconnected the battery and I do not have the radio code to get it back working.

I am in the UK, is there any way to get the code for free (or as near as free as possible?) please. The repair work has just cost £945, not such a Good Friday, and I could really do with not shelling out more money if I can help it.

Many thanks in advance.
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Mine in my US car has it in several places. There's a card attached to my owner's manual that has it. It is also on a sticker on the lower inside glove compartment door. And it is also supposed to be on a sticker on the top or bottom of the radio case itself.
Thanks for the suggestions, but no stickers in the car. Can't believe for one minute it will be on the radio body itself, that would be a self defeating security measure. She has the sat nav unit so absolute pain to get out. I will try the local dealership to see if they can help.
I can't think of a reason why they wouldn't put it on the case. No security measures really needed anyway. I've never, ever seen or even heard of an instance where a thief took a factory head unit. They only ever steal good aftermarket ones. All the fancy security hype Honda puts into this is just gimmickry. Any thief knows that OEM unit will only fit another of the same car, so market is limited. And any thief knows those units are boat anchors anyway, poor quality. Can't pawn them either. They have serial numbers on them. So the radio code crap is just that, as is the cute little fake blinking red light. I suppose I can see how this could be an issue in other parts of the world, but not here. This "security" is about as effective as the anti-theft deterrent measures incorporated in all new cars, which are easier to steal than ever before in automotive history.

I know what y'all are gonna say. All this is beside the point. And you're right, so, never mind.
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