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Got myself a 2011, What mods have you done?!

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Hey guys, new here, just got my hands on a LX with 40k miles and I love it, I changed the brakes, tires, threw a Apple CarPlay headunit in there, and changed the cabin filter but other then that not much else. I use it as a commuter car and will be using it as a ski car so I want to make it look pretty cool. Definitely on a budget but I want to hear what you guys have done or recommend I do.
Some things I still plan on doing:
LED headlights (I assume this would make the daytime running lights LED too?)
3M Wrap the pillars because they are sunkissed
K&N Air filter, worth it for the few extra horses?
Plastidip the rims black? because they are the stock LX ones and look terrible
And rear backup camera (I already have it and wired most of it but I have to solder extra wire to be able to reach the reverse light for 12v power unless you guys have another 12v source thats easier to tap into?
Thanks guys, excited to be a part of the community
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WELCOME and post some pics of your ride!

I've got a 2011-SE running strong at 130K+ miles.

I just installed a dual dashcam with a hardwire kit, and easily used two empty fuse slots to get it going (one always on, and one on the ACC line). If you want, I can go and look, but I think it was #5 and #22.

Unless you've got a good service history on it, you should consider doing at least one drain/fill of the Transmission, and the same for the rear differential (if you have AWD).

I just ordered these LED headlights a few hours ago: NOVSIGHT H4/9003/HB2 LED Headlight Bulbs. I'll let you know how they fit/work.

This is a cheap/easy mod I did at the same time as the dashcam install, as I had to remove all the interior light lenses and housings to make for easier routing of the rear dashcam wire above the headliner: XtremeVision Interior LED for Honda CR-V 2007-2011 (8 Pieces). I didn't need all 8, maybe they were for vanity mirrors?
That’s awesome thanks for the advice. I’m going to have to finish running that backup cam. Now I am kind of regretting that I got one that goes into the license plate screws because someone can jack it easily. I was thinking dome lights too. Let me know how those low beam high beams are I’ll order a set if you like them. Thanks
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