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Hi to everyone;

I just finished installing my upgrade on my CR-V 2012 as follows:

-Stock Navi Head Unit
-Pioneer TS-D1730C for all 4 doors
-RockfordFosgate R300X4 for the mids
-JL Audio JX5001/D
-2 Pioneer 12" shallow subs
-Db Drive Crossover E73X
-Kicker KisLoc high to low converter

It sounds good and strong but i am having two issues now:

I am getting a humming buzzing noise which i guess comes from the high to low converter, i was checking the RCA´s amps and they don´t seem to be making that noise. I even physically grounded the converter with no big improvement. I am thinking in changing the converter with a Clarion EQS755 which has an integrated high to low converter. I also want to get all the adjustments from a graphic equalizer, the crossover helped me with the cuts, i just need a fine tunning. Has anyone installed a graphic equalizer? I´m not sure where would be the best location for this kind of equipment.

Thank you guys in advance
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