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Hi all,

Just joined this site as I have been viewing on/off for about a year now.

I believe I can offer much help in troubleshooting in a rather "unconventional" and realistic manner.

I have searched the net many times with nonsense results and so, I joined after wife's car died while driving, pulled the following codes:

P "something or other about AT solenoid B", don't remember exactly the number...

Check engine light was on and "D" light flashing.

Good battery installed, "HARD CLUNK" when shift into Drive from Park.

Function-Checked both solenoids + resistance check (12-25 ohms).

All okay!

Replaced ELD from our other CR-V.


Problem was a simple fuse (Speed Sensor/Alternator).

The "Alternator/Charge" warning light will not illuminate when this fuse blows.

Better electrical design here, requested, Honda??? Like a dual supply to Charge Warning via simple diode?
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