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Greetings from the sunny South West UK!

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So, after a very unsuccessful venture with owning a VW, I bought myself a Mk4 CRV 2.2i-DTEC EX late last year and (so far) its a brilliant car, has done everything I've asked of it and has only needed a new battery, some new front brake discs and pads and a blocked DPF rectifying. For a 6 year old / 90k car I don't think that's anything more than standard maintenance (unlike the VW which was the same age and similar mileage but seemed to want me to spend equivalent to the annual operating budget of Microsoft to keep it going!). So, all in all, very pleased with my choice.

Couple of little necessary extras now added (proper dog guard and some roof bars) and I'm ready to consider a little pampering.....

First thing I'd like to update is the somewhat outdated stereo headset / nav unit / etc. But this seems to be an absolute minefield!!

Hence a visit to the owner club for (hopefully) the answer to my needs.....

What I'm looking for is a direct replacement unit with the following:

  • Double DIN / OEM fitment.
  • Satnav (decent UK / Europe version with updatable maps).
  • Mirrorlink (or equivalent) to show android phone apps / screen on head unit screen.
  • Reverse camera function that connects to existing camera (don't want to have to wire in a whole new camera).
  • DAB radio preferably using existing receiver.
  • Bluetooth hands free phone.
  • Connection to existing steering wheel controls.
  • Must have CD player (and ideally, like current unit, be able to store played CDs to hard drive).
Plus the usual selection of other functions like FM stereo, hard drive, updatable, etc would be nice - don't care about TV as wouldn't use it anyway.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a unit that meets all of the above and where I can purchase from??

Thanks very much for any suggestions.
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Xtrons is one of acceptable quality Chinese headunits. Check this out: HONDA | CRV | Android 10 | Quad Core | 2GB RAM & 16GB ROM | PST10CVH

You might want to re-post this in the UK, Mobile Electronics, or Gen4 area.
Head units/wiring varies between markets.
Welcome to the forum! Moving to Mobile Electronics - no vehicle posts allowed in this section.
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