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I just picked up a 98, 5 Speed Manual EX, and intend on installing some after-market soundproofing.

Second Skin Audio (seems to be the best stuff out there) is having a sale, offering up to %20 off... depending on the size of your order.

"20% off any order of $750 or more. Use the code LBR20 at the checkout. If you can’t get up to $750, use the code LBE15 for 15% off any order over $500. The only deal we can offer you below that is 10% 0ff any order over $250. For that use the code LBR10."

I'm in Madison, WI and am hoping to find others in town interested in joining forces to get an order together of more than $750.

I'd be in for about $250 - $350 worth of product... enough to cover all the door and cargo panels with Damplifier @ 25% coverage, and a layer of "luxury liner pro" over the doors and most of the cargo area.

PM me if you are interested, or post below if you have any advice:)
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