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H22A4 SWAP IN 1st GEN??

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Hey everyone, Ive had several hondas and other cars so not exactly a cherry with cars but haven’t picked up a CRV YET.. well i know people have had to have done this before and anything is possible but I am going to swap a K24 into my 5th gen prelude, and i was debating what to do with my H22, i was thinking the Crx/ EG route, but i would absolutely LOVE to drop it into a 1st gen CRV on low boost, nd be able to haul my (very much lightweight) camper trailer. And obviously for the AWD.

Any recommendations, shops, websites, advice on the swap... anything would be appreciated. And Yes I do know i can just put a B16A head on the B20 and call it a day, i was just wondering if anyone has info on the H bomb swap. Any info is great. Thanks!
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