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Hand Brake Lever Replacement for Honda CR-V II Gen2 (Left Hand Drive)

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Dear Gentlemen

Hope that the solution i need can be found here with the help of the amazing guys in this club
I have a problem that seems no solution in the web nor in YouTube or i'm just bad at searching

Vehicle - CRV 2002, 2WD Auto, Left Hand Drive

Issue - I have a broken Handbrake Lever (could be the inside plastic thing or the spring) anyway totally broken

Cause - 3-Strong Buff Parking Valet staff that help each other to pull the handbrake too much to release it, not knowing that they need to press the tab to unlock it

Solution - Bought a second hand handbrake from Ebay but cannot find a video or instruction how to replace it

Question - How will i remove the Old Handbrake Lever and fix the new one, please understand that if i Pull the handbrake i will not be able to release/unlock it again unless i hit it hard with a rubber hammer to jolt the lever,

I tried to unscrew the bottom bolt from the lever assembly (please see picture) but the whole lever is not moving and still in place,
I haven't tried to dig down and touch the handbrake wiring from the bottom of the the driver seat as i think it is not needed to change the handbrake lever, i tried to ask the supplier where i bought from Ebay and he said "sorry i cannot help you please search on google or youtube" :D. I tried to ask the mechanic i usually work with but he accidentally broke the plastic cover of the AC knob meaning he does not also know how to remove the handbrake lever, please if anyone has tried to disassemble this handbrake from a Gen2 CRV kindly share the easiest step possible



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I'm trying to do the same thing to check the switch that turns on the brake light on the dashboard because it's stuck on, I know that there's a bolt behind the air-con controls (which by the way, the clips to take off those knobs are really hard to not break, I broke both of them). I think there's also one near the back, behind the storage box in the center console, but to get to it, you need to take off the trim piece under the steering wheel, I'm trying to do that today so ill report back if it works
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