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I have an Alpine KTP-445a powerpack/mini amp from my old car. I just upgraded the speakers on my 2013 CRV - I want to keep the factory head unit and hopefully use this mini amp for a decent sound system upgrade but nothing major. This is the model that comes with alpine harnesses, designed for Alpine head units only. The universal model has RCA inputs.

In theory it seems possible to hardwire it in. I know 'reverse harnesses' exist that would plus into the factory harness and give me bare wires so I don't have to cut off the car's factory harness, which is a plus for me. I've yet to see one specifically for this gen CRV though.

But first, Can this actually work? The only obstacle I see is one website where someone else was trying to do this on a different vehicle, (i can't post the link yet) where a tech is saying the output of a factory radio may not be enough to activate the alpine ktp-445. Does anyone know if this would this be an issue in the CRV?

Any additional insights on this are much appreciated!
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