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Hi, all.

Just bought a 2012 EX-L with DVD. My kids love the video screen, but hate that they can only view DVDs. Being modern folks, we hardly have ANY movies or shows on DVD. Most of our collection is Blu-Ray or download-based purchases (i.e. VUDU, Amazon Video purchases). The factory DVD player has composite (red, white, yellow) inputs to which an external source can be plugged, but that is an analog signal. To get a phone/tablet to display via those inputs, the video would have to be converted. To my knowledge, that is not possible without an external conversion product, which would require a 120V power supply.

Has anyone successfully made this work? Specifically, I'd be trying to output video from Apple Lightning devices (iPhone 5s, iPad Mini), or my kids' Fire HD tablets. I've looked into the Apple Digital A/V Converter (Lightning -> HDMI), then using an HDMI -> Composite cable, but I can't discern if this would actually work since the cables wouldn't be down-converting the digital signal to analog.

Any thoughts/ideas/success stories?

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