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This one has me stumped, but I wanna give some details of the situation. Never an electrical issue until now, and I installed some LED headlights, direct plug and play. After a few weeks the high beams (when lows are on) started flicking on and off at random. After a bit I decided with that, and the fact that they were too bright, I'd go back to stock. I did, problem persisted. I replaced the headlight switch (oem) on the column and inspected the wires. Didn't see it happen again for several months, now its back doing it. Here's what I know:

Tilting the column only can make brights activate or deactivate
Pushing on one side of the steering wheel while pulling the other can make them go on or off
Hard bumps in the road can make them flicker or turn off or on
It's random and pretty unpredictable, some days it wont do it at all
Sometimes brights flick on and off, sometimes they just stay on
The wires from the headlight switch are nowhere near the tilting mechanism of the column, and in good shape

What the heck am I missing?
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