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I really wanted to be a skeptic but that's certainly worth a try and makes sense. I love that Mother's product for aluminum and even older chrome that needs something more abrasive. It could be one of these "dissolving" buffing compound things where the little grains disappear as you buff so it turns into a finer polish as you work it in.
That Meguiar's clear coat really didn't work for my neighbor and I out in the SF Bay area. It started to cloud in three months and looks like crap six months out. Now I have to re-polish so I'll try this and then coat with 303 just like in the video you recommended. I think the 303 spray might want to be used as a maintenance step.

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Well I wanted to see if I could restore my one headlight and remove the haze. When I bought this CRV (a month ago) I noticed after I took it home that one headlight was fairly new and one is still probably the original.

I purchased the Mother's headlight restoration kit

Came with - padded drill bit, microfiber cloth, plastix applicator, 4 sandpaper pads

Both headlights before restoration.

Newer headlight

older headlight with haze

Taped off the lenses like it said to in the instructions.

Says to only use a nickel size amount of the plastic applicator but it needs more.

Drill with padded drill bit

Here's the before and after on the older headlight. Not really a big change.

Here's both headlights after all was said and done.

Overall. Not too happy with the product. Although the haze may be from inside the lens itself. Not sure if maybe there's a leak somewhere on anything else. I just thought I'd share some pics and such with everyone else. Thanks.
Your pictures did not show up.
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