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I am installing heated seats in my wife's 2008 CRV. I have the heater pads all installed on the driver side and its all wired up and working like a charm. Today I installed the heater pad on the seat bottom of the passenger seat and I now have to run the wires and locate a spot to put the on/off switch.

If you look at the attached pic you can see where I had a knock out in the dash that I used for the driver side seat switch. I circled it in green and it is in the upper left of the photo.

I would like to locate the passenger seat switch in the console next to the gear shift lever, but that means I have to remove the plastic from around the gear shift lever in order to cut a hole for the switch to sit in. The location I like is shown as a white rectangle in the photo.

Can anyone describe how to remove this panel so I can cut a spot for the switch to sit in? Before I cut into it I want to make sure there is room in there for the switch to fit.


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