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Just bought a used 01' V w/215k miles. I'm a cabin air filter freak and religiously change it on my '05 civic Si every 6 months (lots of dogs and dirt hence the near-obsessive cycle). Just changed it on the V and whoa, definitely the original. Blew the A/C on full with the filter out to dislodge all the crap trapped in there, basically turned the cabin into a new ecosystem :D

After installation, I took it around the block. Cold air blows great! Switch to full heat and it blows not even halfway as strong as cool from both the forward facing dash vents and the top windshield vents. Turn off circulation mode and (as expected) the blowing gets a touch weaker. Read other threads but none seemed to address this kind of issue. And yes, when testing A/C was turned on for both full cool and full heat.

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