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First of all, I'd like to say thank you for all the help over the years.

Ok, so I've got a 2000 5-speed Crv with 450,000kms on it. I love the thing to death and I take great care of it. I was coming back from the coast when I first felt the shuddering. Fast forward two weeks and its much worse now. Much like the other threads I've found on here, its shudders heavily when accelerating or going uphill when the load is heavy. If I maintain a speed or coast in neutral, it goes away. I can feel it coming from the front passengers side, feels like its underneath the glove box. I've got a solid gut-feeling that its not a wheel bearing. My first action was to replace the CV Axle since the boot was ripped, no dice. After that, the outer tie rod end, because it was dice! I rotated my tires to rule out off-balance wheels or a bent wheel...nope. I checked the U-joints of the driveshaft and can find no play whatsoever. Unless one of you suggest otherwise, my next action is to replace the lower ball joint since it had some play in it. BTW this is all on the front passengers side still. Also note: I don't think i feel any noticeable changes when turning.
So I've got two questions at the moment-
1. Can a worn part (Cv joint, tie rod, ball joint etc.) on the drivers side, cause such an aggressive shuddering on the left side?
2. Can a worn lower ball joint cause this?

Thank-you so much
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