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Hello all from OHIO

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Just bought my first 2010 CR-V.
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Some members like @Wildcat have more than one of the same year. His posts are interesting because he can compare his cars!
That was kind of a fluke--I had to find my better half a replacement for the Civic, and it was kind of a rush purchase. The deal was so good on our blue one that I didn't mind that it was a little rough and needed new tires.

It has been interesting to compare the two. And I'm at the point where I'll buy two sets of parts if I'm dealing with an issue on one of them, as more often than not, the same parts are wearing out or failing at roughly the same rate.

Now my kiddo needs her rusted Accord replaced. We're looking at newer Accords and especially the TSX, but then she dropped the hint that maybe she'd like to sit up higher in a CR-V (since she borrowed mine for a week)...but I don't think I can handle three of the same CR-V! ?
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