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Hello - embarrasingly already looking for advice

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James here, owner of a 2005 CRV, sunroof and leather seats so think it's an EX-L...?

Local mechanic told me I need new calipers, rotors and pads...and of course the quote came in sky high so I've been doing the work myself instead.

1. If the car drives well, still seems to have meat on rotor & pad. And stops from speed without vibration in steering, what's the chance the mechanic is trying to take me for a ride or being hugely overcautious?

2. I've found that I cannot get the rotor off, the retaining screws I've removed without too much difficulty. It seems like there's a ring/tube (apologies if not using the proper terms) inside the rotor that seems to have slightly mushroomed and is holding the rotor on. Am I missing a step or do I just have to hire a brake puller and use some brawn?

P.S. - I'd send pictures but the can't get the uploader to work.
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I have had advice from the Honda dealer for the last two years- suggest you get new rotors and pads.

I am still on the same setup and the brakes are fine, I may consider changing them all next year, assuming they need it.
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