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I'm a new owner of a 1999 CRV EX AWD. In fact, it's my first Honda. Prior to purchasing it, spent hours on this board reading past posts regarding maintenance, valve adjustments, timing belt/water pumps, lifting, racks, etc etc. Just wanted to thank all your abundant knowledge of this great little vehicle.

The Gen1 CRV really appeals to me, great little box shape, economical, and mild and tasteful customization ideas. So...

what I bought was a 99 CRV EX AWD
- 167K miles
- timing belt/water pump changed at 150K
- no accident
- valve adjusted at 165k
- everything works, including the clock!

what I did the weekend I purchased:
- I painted the bumpers and trim with Rustoleum trim spray paint
- Painted the front grill with Rustoleum flat black (forgot to do the Honda Logo black)
- Plasti Dip the wheels (I should have just painted it instead with flat black spray paint...nevertheless it came out looking great)
- added an allen tire bike rack and secured it with two bike locks so no one can take it while out mtn biking

what I want to do is:
- add a roof rack basket cage (long one, almost length of the roof) currently naked roof
- lift or not lift, saw some people add 225/75/15 tires and filing down so it doesnt rub. or perhaps lift. Not decided yet. Don't think i'll ever go off roading, but it looks so cool
- add bull bar and maybe some oem fog lights on the bull bar, not decided on the fog lights yet.
- Paint the body with Black Bed liner paint (at least 6-7 coats) giving it that grainy black finish...helps make it kinda sorta "scratch proof"

Anyway, just wanted to say hello, introduce myself and say thanks for all your posts. Spent about 2 mths on this board and test driving dozens of Gen1 CRVs until I found my mightmouse (silly nick name, but so fitting in my opinion)
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Welcome to the forum! Good picture of your new wheels, looking great. You are ambitious. Let us know how your upgrades are progressing. Cheers!
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