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Hello all,

Stephen here. I've read these forums for a long time, and have learned much. Shadetree mechanic and I've finally gotten around to joining. I'm driving my 2nd Honda, the first being an 89 Civic (loved it) and now the incomparable Gen1 B20Z2 2001 CRV-EX AWD in Electron Blue. We are at 187K miles, and still going!

So, I have to remedy a bit of rust, in the usual Honda location:p. Also, I am a survivor of the Gen1 Exhaust Valve saga, not once but twice. Once in 2008, resulting in 4 burned exhaust valves, and milling of the slightly warped aluminum block. In 2013, I once again had the mysterious Random Misfire message, but much sooner than expected. This time only had One valve burned by the time denial was over. So... I learned to do this procedure (and other things) myself, from many of you.

I wonder if anyone else has had to redo their valves in less time/miles than expected. But that is for another thread. I love my CRV, and glad to be here.
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