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Hello from the mile high city! I bought my 2007 CR-V EX new (my first new car) and she was fantastic for 10 years. Unfortunately she got pretty bad hail damage and my insurance (USAA) offered me more than my research said it was worth to total it, so I put the money down on a 2014 CR-V EXL. This is the first time I've had leather interior and I love it! I've only had the 2014 for two days but I'm already in love.

2014 CRV-EXL w/ 32,786 mi for $20,598 advertised
+$598 dealer handling fee
+$199 etching fee (I know, they got me with that one grrrrr!!!)
+$52 emissions fee
-$250 internet discount
+1,761 tax, tags, title
+$26 document fee
$22,984 out the door
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