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I've just exchanged my wife's 2012 Civic for a 2007 CRV. The CRV made sense for us as we were finding the Civic a bit small for the family and having just acquired a puppy we were looking for a bit more space. Also the Civic's 1.8 Vtec just didn't have enough torque to make towing our caravan comfortable and at times it felt dangerous with the caravan wagging the car on a dual carriageway recently so something heavier duty was required.

Jobs I've done so far: Replaced standard Sat Nav head unit with a Kenwood DAB Android auto unit. Fitted aftermarket WiFi reverse camera to replace OEM honda camera.

Jobs still to do: replace corroded front parking sensors & figure out where to connect the reverse sensor wire from the Kenwood unit to. Hopefully I'll find the answers I need somewhere in this forum

i'm happy to answer any questions about the work I've done so far it it will help anyone out,


Adam (jestski)
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