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Hello from UK CRV SR Hybrid

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Hello everyone.

I've been lurking in the background for six months since purchasing my first CRV. Had experience of other manufacturers SUVs but the test drive was my first time behind the wheel of a Honda. Decided upon a Japanese car after experiencing the downside of owning several overrated European marques which were less than dependable. Tested the Japanese market by buying a Mazda diesel saloon which was fraught with problems due to the DPF design, the bain of all things diesel. Added to the demonisation of the Diesel engine in the Uk it was time to move to petrol cars and given that hybrids are becoming more available I decided to focus on hybrid models.

Test drove a number of cars but was blown away with the CRV Hybrid, the spec, the drivability and the general experience of driving a quality product. Did my research on the CVT transmission and hybrid setup as most of my driving experience has been with manual transmission. Cannot believe the smoothness of the CVT although it gets a bit excited when pushed. Anyway I digress and it's fairly obvious I am a fan of my new car and hopefully can add to the forum in the future.
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