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Hello. Happy to join fellow Crv lovers like myself!!

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Hello. I am from the Seattle area about 15 minutes north in a town called Bothell. I bought a gun metal metallic gray 2018 Honda Crv ExL and so far am loving it. Big change from my 2011 Camaro SS 2 but I am enjoying the change. I honestly never really even thought about buying a crv until my Camaro got hit on the back drivers side and bent something in rear end that caused the tire to tilt in and was undriveable. While car was getting fixed I happened to rent a crv by chance from zip car and really fell in love. I end up going to buy one about a month later after comparing to other smaller suvs. Couldnt beat the safety features offered and the price was very good also. I have had zero problems for 3 months I have owned it. Love the lane assist and blind spot warning. Only complaint I have is the backup camera . Hard to tell how close you really are to objects and at night the headlights of other cars makes it impossible to see the car just a bright light is all I can see.