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Again, Hello!

i would like to start with a quick into! i'm new to this forum. i searched for an answer but couldn't find anything. if this has already been answered, my apologies. For reference, (ex#) is how i refer to the specific attached image. Any images of the LEDs lit are of the other doors that i have finished. I have also included pics of the door panel for fun.

Back story, you can skip. I have modded every single vehicle of mine, except for one ford, to have LEDs in various places: under the 4 seats, cup holders, in the door pockets, door handles, etc. (the ford had these built in and i have wanted the same in every car, so i just make it happen.)

Anyway, same for my new CR V EX-L. i want all red LEDs everywhere. i have purchased already these little LED pod lights (ex1 and link) for in the door panels and door handles. they work great, not too bright but not too dim. The built in bezel is slim enough and not sharp, but was a bit too thick for in the door handles. I then drilled out a little section of the upper door handle (ex2) and hot glued the circuit board on top (ex3) and it works and looks great if you don’t look at the scratches i accidentally made.

The way i have wired these up is simple, to the window switches (ex4) and their wiring for the LED in the switches. And since every door has a light-up window switch, BAM super easy.

The problem is: in the front doors there is a constant 12v supply coming straight from the battery (ex5 the larger green wire), don’t know why, and is not switched with ignition. There is not a direct wire coming to any window switch that carries power for the LEDs in the switch itself, rather (from what i can tell) there is a signal wire that tells the master switches (front door switch) to turn on the leds and that then carries the power to the read doors, but i can not find that wire in the front doors. I cerconvented this in the front driver door by connecting my wiring to the wiring for the memory seat control module (also back-lit). The front passenger door obviously does not have memory seats, so i can not use any of those wires.

Does anybody know of an, easy to get to, wire i can use for the front passenger door?

I am also in search of nice cup holder LEDs i can wire up as well. I used to own a dodge dart and was able to find a specific led module that was the correct shape with a nice beam all the way around the perimeter of the cup holder and fit perfectly. I do not like the solar led puck things that are so cheap on ebay or amazon.

Thank you in advance for any help!


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