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HELP. 2000 CR-V Key Phob programming

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I bought a Key Phob on ebay for my 2000 Honda CR-V. I did the programming step by step after watching videos and following the instructions that were given to me. They instructions seem to work because I can hear the locks in my car making a noise as if they are reprogramming. The problem I am having is the remote doesn't work. I can't lock or unlock amything. The Phob has a brand new battery so I don't think that's the issue. Is there a possibility I'm missing a part in my CRV? Maybe a transmitter in the CRV? The guy I bought the CRV from seems to think its a possibility. I would love some input from some people in here if that's possible. Thanks.
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Been there, done that. My ebay fob wouldn't work so I returned it. Bought a genuine used Honda fob for first generation CRV and it's working fine.
get a keyless entry system kit from amazon cheaper and works from far.
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