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Hi all,
Hoping someone has experience and can assist.

I replaced my factory head unit on my 2013 EX-L with "premium audio". (We all know the humor in the premium audio label they use for the system with the baby subwoofer)

I installed a new 10.1" android system. Cheap ($225), and it works great.

I created a 2 wire to rca plug cable so that i could tap into the rear camera signal from the i-mid, so that i can have the reverse camera picture on the big screen.

My problem is that i cannot remove the i-mid to access the harness so that i can tap the video signal.

I remove the i-mid plastic surround / shroud. There are 2 screws, one on each side of the i-mod, that just spin when i try to remove them.

Any help appreciated.

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