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Help I need a new drive shaft

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Hello there. I so hope you can help me. I live in Costa Rica and recently bought a 2001 CRV. (Cars are extremely expensive here). I owned the car a week and it got hit by a tree. The driveshaft was damaged from a rock under the car.

The mechanic here wants to put in a new Honda drive shaft part for 1600.00, plus labor. I see online that parts made by third party vendors - not Honda - are about $200-300.00. Would you recommend using a Honda part or importing in a third party part? Would you try to find a used part? Where and how?

I will be in the US from Feb 21 - March 5 so have to find the obtain the part in that timeframe. Any recommendation? I would hate to buy a new part when the car is so old but want to be safe and reliable.

Any help is so appreciated.

Thank you.

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Take a look at rock auto dot com, they list 3 different drive shafts from what I saw on a quick look.
If you have a local US address you could have them ship it to you there so you could take it home with you.
Good luck!
Back in 2015 I bought a driveshaft for my 98 CR-V from Rock Auto and it worked just fine (98 and 01 use the same driveshaft). They got it shipped to my door quickly and overall I was very pleased with how everything worked.
DORMAN 936003 {#40100S10003, 40100S10A01} Length: 84.5" Rear; 4WD

I asked my favorite mechanic if the Dorman brand was OK and he thought it was just fine. Unfortunately, it appears that Rock Auto no longer offers the Dorman brand. I really don't know if the brands they do offer are good or not.
if not repairable, you might consider doing without. i took the propellor shaft off my '99 several years ago, and drove it as a 2wd. never noticed a difference (except maybe more pep/less weight). and i live in the snow belt. high quality tires are more important in my opinion. save your money for other maintenance.
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