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Help - I've done almost no maintenance!

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First, I know I've been very dumb so, no need to tell me that. LOL

Next - I can't believe what I'm about to say but, here it is.....

I bought my CRV in 2013 and kept an eye on the oil life display. When it would get low - maybe 20%, I'd get the oil changed at a quick change shop. They would reset the minder. As a result, I HAVE NEVER SEEN A MAINTENANCE CODE!

I had the brakes changed a year or 2 ago so likely the fluid was changed too. I'm not sure I ever changed the antifreeze or any other fluid. It is possible something was done upon recommendation by the quick oil place but I usually decline those folks so, it is possible nothing else was ever done other than an oil change.

So today I got to wondering what the car might need now that it is at 70,000 miles and 6 years old. I found no maintenance schedule in the owners manual and so came to this site and read up and realized I've not done any maintenance all these years.

I searched here for a question like mine but didn't find an answer. I need help - What do I do now? What services have I missed, what should have been done? I realize I'm going to have to have a lot of work done on the car and that's fine. It's been a good car (even tho' I"ve ignored it) and I would like to bring all service up to date.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Welcome to the site.
Don't beat yourself up. If I was in your situation, I'd think about organizing things in a priority order; i.e., treat the car like you just bought it. Be proud of how well the ride has worked for you.
1. Safety --> brakes (and, of course tires), including brake fluid freshness; steering and suspension parts should be inspected.
2. Reliability -->
besides engine oil, transmission and differential fluid should likely be changed.
engine air and cabin filters checked and replaced as needed.
The quality of the engine coolant can be checked and replaced if needed.
3. Have someone with an OBDII reader check for codes, and sure the engine control system is working; i.e., that it can generate maintenance code reminders.

Pages 272 and 273 in the owners' manual do list the bits that should show up in the MM.
Start keeping your receipts...
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