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My first gens belts decided to start squeeling today. They are so annoying. I have heard that if you rub a bar of soap under the belts it makes them silent and i have also heard that if you pour a bit of pepsi or coke on the belts it quiets them also. I dont even know what to do. My car only has 55,000 miles, do they need replacing?
best solution for you is to replace the belt - they're fairly inexpensive.
you can try cleaning them and see if they need tightening - it may or may not get rid of your problem.

even though you only have 55,000 miles, the car is a first gen - so your car must be close to 10 yrs old or older. the rubber belts do dry up and crack even if your car is low mileage. so it's best to replace the belt(s) imo.
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