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Help needed: interpret engine error codes for 2004 CR-V-EX

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I just bought my first Honda CR-V, a 2004 EX with 138,000 miles from original owner. It is in pretty good shape. I am really liking the CR-V. Especially since I got a standard transmission and the EX model

The owner told me it needed a flow sensor which causes the engine light.

I checked the engine light codes at the local Advanced Auto and here is what came up:

P0235 Knock sensor 1 circuit bank 1 or single sensor

P0134 Oxygen Sensor circuit no activity detected bank 1 sensor 1

P1457 Evaporative Emission Control system leak detected-B

P1457 Evaoporative Emission Control system leak detected-B

Not sure why there are two P1457s.

Questions to the gurus:
1) is the P0134 just an Oxygen sensor or is the MAF flow sensor?
2) is P0235 code truly a knock sensor that needs to replaced or could it be an ignition issue such as spark plugs, plug wires, or coils that need to be changed?
3) Is the P1457 something less critical and could be the gas cap or some vent issue?

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I'd recommend replacing the knock sensor. Replace the air fuel ratio sensor and the oxygen sensor(both in the exhaust one right before and one in the cat, front one is air fuel, rear is o2), and get a new gas cap. See what happens. There isn't a mass air flow instead an air intake pressure sensor.
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