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I hope someone can help me. I hope I didn't break anything too bad, but I was trying to trouble shoot a no AC Clutch engaging issue, so I disconnected the pressure switch from the High side and put a jumper wire in the connector to see if the switch was bad. The started the car, put the jumper in and then the car stalled out. Not really sure why the AC pressure switch harness would cause that. I tried to restart and the car will not start. I checked the fuses at the engine compartment and found a blown Ignition Coil fuse. I replaced and tried to start again but nothing. It cranks over fine, I put a battery charger on to make sure the voltage stays up since I cranked it a few times. I depressed the gar pedal all the way to the floor to clear out any excess fuel to avoid flooding the engine. I have gone through both fuse boxes and checked every single fuse to make sure nothing else was blown, didn't find anything.

I tried to connect an ODBII scan tool but it just keeps saying, no link. Next I was going to try to see about testing the relays, I have to dig out my meter and find diagnosing instructions. Anyone know if the AC Pressure switch is wired into the PCM? Could I have cooked the PCM? Everything on the car works, it will just not start. I figure that next I should check for spark and fuel.

Any ideas on what I should look at next would be appreciated. I've been reading that there is a factory fuel shut off on some of these vehicles? Maybe I tripped that, if there is one, does anyone know where on the vehicle this is located? Also, I read that if the security/anti theft thing is tripped it will not start, not sure how to verify this. All I see on the dash is a read light that flashes when I lock the car, I don't see the Key symbol that is usually shown in some of the pictures I've seen.

Again, any help would be appreciated. At this point I don't care much to resolve the AC issue, just want to get the car to start again and i'll be happy.

Thank you,
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