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Hi guys, this one will make you laugh. I needed some fuel from my dads 2l petrol Honda CRV to see if my car would start (just did an engine conversion) and it was dark and i was rushing and didnt notice the anti syphon flap at the petrol cap. So I got the syphoning tube stuck in the filler neck! :eek:

Its a tight fit so impossible to remove from the top, so i disconnected the hoses leading to the tank and unbolted the filler neck from the car, but i cannot get it off of the car! Ive tried pushing it through the tube whilst on the car but i think its getting stuck at one of the bends (hard to tell) so need it off the car so i can find a better way of pushing it through or to take it to a garage.

Can someone please help and explain how i can get the filler neck out of the car!

Thanks for any help, and please try to hold back the laughter :rolleyes:
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