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The noise is like driving over the warning strips at roads edge, only not as loud. You can feel it through the floor and in the steering wheel. It occurs at about 35mph/60kmph or so, when just coasting along. It only lasts for 3-5 seconds and I can't make it repeat the noise for the mechanic at Honda as yet. It only happens every 2-3 days. I have read many threads here about trans and rear end noise and I would favor the trans but i'm not convinced yet. I am leaning towards a 3X trans fluid change, but would like to know that I am not just wasting fluids. It is used with 105,000km on it. I bought it at 90,000km. and assume the fluid was changed once in that time but the dealer won't release the service history. :confused: It's a 2007 AWD 5 speed auto.
I have been looking around and found this which lets me know I'm not alone, but has no solution.

Update: Took CRV into Honda again today, and this time I spelled out everything I have learned from the forums. The service manager took it out for a test with me along, and he admitted that the torque converter will hunt under the conditions that I described above. ie. The torque converter is locked up but the engine is starting to lug a bit (RPMs too low) it shifts out of lockup which lets the engine rev up about 100 RPM, it immediately gets the message to lock up again and so on. If it manages to do this fast enough, it can produce a reverberation in the car like I described. As I was not driving I could watch the tach closely and observed the needle hunting up and down about 100RPM. He says it will not hurt the lock up clutches but if I don't like the sound I have two choices. I can lock out the lock up by pressing the shifter control button or I can drive more aggressively (keep the revs up).
So in essence they produce a car that gets 20-25mpg but you have to drive it like it gets 15-20. I did manage to pry some of the service history (out of there cold dead hands) and found that the trans fluid had not been changed. It was supposed to be changed at 96000km but there had been no maintenance minder yet (it's at 106000km). They said the fluid was dark but not burnt, so I have my fingers crossed and will change it 2 more times. It will be changed every second oil change from now on too. I will update if the noise stops after the 3 fluid changes.

Update; The fluid has been changed twice at this point and there has been no noise since the first change by the dealer.
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