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I own a 2003 CRV.....I have a common problem...central locking......actuator is new...fob is reset...still only 4 doors will open and close....drivers door does not work...only with key.....I live in Australia.....anyone got any ideas
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hello I may be able to help but you will have to check voltage ground on the actuator wires so in the unlock position to lock it reverses positive and negative on yellow green and yellow black wires if you are missing pos neg on one of the wires then there is a break usually in the rubber boot that connects to the door from the pillar I have seen remote start guys sloppy work from probing wires in that location so thats where I would check if you are missing power ground on one of the wires and 2 plugs are plugged into the LF actuator ,also does the other doors lock when you push down the lever on top by the glass on the LF door lock pop up lever,heres a PDF of the wiring,I was just about to press the post reply and I think all this info might be bad,your CRV is right hand drive isn't it so the drivers door is the RF anyway its the same diagnosing but the wire colors may be different so it will be the 2 wire connector power and ground gets reversed to lock unlock.the 3 wire connector is for the door lock knob so the module knows the position of the lock so if you push it down it should lock all the other doors make sure the actuator that was installed has 2 sockets,it may just be a defective unit or the wrong one for a left hand drive


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