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what is it that you actually need?
He needs someone to tweak the engine ECU maps, to work with his mods.


This happened to Car & Driver a few years ago:

They dyno'd a stock Subaru WRX, then added a CAI (Cold Air Intake) and dyno'd again; Gained a couple HP.

They re-installed the stock intake, then put in a low-restriction exhaust system. Dyno showed a couple more HP that way.

Last, they bolted BOTH the CAI and exhaust on at the same time, and actually LOST HP over stock when dyno'd. :rolleyes:

They ended up spending almost $1000 for an ECU tune to make all the components 'play well together'.


To answer the OP's question, I think he should look locally at first; perhaps ask of a local Civic club or organization...Sometimes a local auto parts store (or Speed Shop) can refer folks to this type of service. (I know who to ask in the NJ area, but that's all)
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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