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Thanks for the welcome it is Crystal red with the Premium Packside with side steps
i also took out the 5 year service and extended warranty
have you got the my honda dongle fitted?
Sounds fab! When do you take delivery? I waited about 6 weeks for mine....

Yes the additional service plan is a worthwhile addition. And if the Hybrid proves as faultless as the 1.5T, then that extended warranty will hopefully never be needed :)

Yes I have the Honda dongle - but I have disconnected it. Total waste of time for what it does, which is a fat lot of nothing really. Put it this way, given the cost (unless free with a brand spanker), its not worth it at all. Gimmick for gimmicks sake with no real value.

Look forward to seeing your pics and if you have any specific Q's, feel free to drop me a PM. Happy to assist.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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